The body knows – just listen to its answer

I am here to support your growth and balance by developing a relationship with yourself through deeper, conscious contact with your body.


for the past 20 years, I have been helping people who are suffering from physical ailments that have an emotional health basis. If you’re familiar with that feeling of painful tension in the body associated with a current life situation that you’re unable to deal with at the moment because it seems bigger than you, my work will bring you relief.

I’m here so that you can enjoy a life free from the pain associated with what your current experience of life is bringing you. Symptoms in the body and difficulties in daily functioning due to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship conflicts, or loss are issues we can work on together and seek healing.

My mission is to help you regain the confidence that you hold life in your own hands and have the strength and wisdom within you to manage it well.

Everyone has individual sensitivities and a different baggage of experiences, so it’s important to start by choosing a method that resonates best with you.


Somatic Touch Therapy – working with trauma

In therapy, I regulate the nervous system releasing blocked energy that could not be discharged during a traumatic experience, causing increasing tension that is felt as physical and emotional disturbances. I work with a wide range of symptoms like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, general pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, sense of loss, etc. Somatic Touch is a short-term therapy that requires taking regular meetings.

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MA-URI Bodywork spiritual session

This Polynesian ritual leads to a deeper connection on all levels: body, emotions, mind and spirit, from where transformation of thoughts – new insights, and release of emotions is possible. I work according to the huna philosophy and through massage in deep relaxation I remove tension from the body along with accompanying beliefs, fears or control. MA-URI is a spiritual journey in which each person chooses for themselves what they wish to heal.

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Bodywork in Eating Disorder Therapy

I offer the therapy program for people for whom the relationship with food disorganised health and life. I focus on resolving emotional conflicts in order to stop the need for destructive behavior. It’s a practice for learning intuitive self-care and regaining self-confidence.

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