Spiritual and transformational journey
through the Body

Everything is within you and everything is already there.
You are the source and creator of life experiences – it’s up to you
how you take them and what you do with them.
Accept this responsibility and sweet freedom.

MA-URI® Bodywork session

MA-URI is a method of working through the body, which is derived from the Polynesian healing system. We say system because it represents a holistic approach where during the session we integrate all levels – bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual – all are invited to work together to restore the 'fullness’ of your health. 

Healing in this approach is possible through conscious choices of feelings, attitudes and beliefs, because the whole base, everything you need to make a change and be happy is already within you. It is personal responsibility to reach for these resources, discover the accompanying context and limitations, and consciously choose – what I decide to leave behind and what I decide to embark on a further journey with.

For such choices to be possible at all, you need to contact your own creative life force needed to stand behind yourself with all the power and wisdom you can afford to create your own perfect life. But sometimes that’s not possible because something is holding you back, something is obscured, hurt, and you can’t navigate your life freely. Old wounds, difficult memories, traumas from the past, traumas of our ancestors – everything is written in your body and demands recognition: see and accept it as a precious gift that shaped you and created a unique, living being that says „I AM” – and it finally brings liberation.

How to benefit from MA-URI?

This work is for personal transformation and healing in all aspects of life you choose. We can work on overcoming difficulties, on maintaining motivation, perseverance in the intended goals, on generational insights, removing emotional blocks, cleansing the body, unblocking life energy, regaining power, recalling the image from the past – the spectrum of possibilities is as your need at a given moment. Whatever is needed for cleansing, before you are able to stand in your power, we 'put’ it on the massage table and subject it to the transforming and healing power of our inner wisdom.

MA-URI® Healing Arts – what its origin and message?

you can find more about it in here

What does the session look like?

The MA-URI session has the form of a massage for which I use warm oil on a naked body. Private parts are always covered. I work in sequences on individual parts of the body, the rest I cover to keep warm. The table is heated during the whole work. I perform the massage with forearms and hands, the pressure is adjusted to the energy needs of a given part of the body. Sometimes the touch can be very subtle, barely felt. Lying down and surrendering to the touch, you use your breath consciously, which allows you to shift your attention to the sensation of your body and helps you descend into the deep relaxation needed to reach deep within yourself. I work to the selected music, in motion, following a specific sequence of steps. It’s a dance we do together to stimulate the energy to cleanse, nourish and remind you what you need to regain your health. So that you can do what you want and enjoy the journey of LIFE.

MA-URI Bodywork session – 120 min

PRICE – 300 zł


Regulation of the nervous system after traumatic experiences

A program to improve the relationship with the body and cut out of destructive behaviors

A step towards getting to know the part of yourself that is most sensitive and authentic

Gift card 'Polynesian massage’

Concern for someone close to you can be expressed by taking care of a unique experience of yourself in your body, which strengthens, increases vital energy and activates mechanisms of returning to balance.
I convey this care in the touch and attention I greet each recipient on your behalf.

PRICE – 250 zł