Recovery from trauma-related injuries

The experience of trauma weakens the natural barrier that protects
against stress, which in the long term causes feelings of anxiety,
helplessness and affects the ability to cope with life.
That’s why I work to complete the process of recovering
from trauma to restore your body’s original ability
to self-regulate the nervous system.

Working with trauma with Somatic Touch Therapy

This therapy is based on the recognition of the close relationship between processes happening simultaneously in the mind and body during difficult, traumatic events. I understand traumatic events very broadly; they can be accidents, medical surgeries, mental and physical abuse, but also any difficult life experience that was violating to us in any way.

During a traumatic event, dissociation or denial mechanisms are activated in the mind to allow us to survive the critical situation and wait out the danger. The body also reacts at the same moment: it tenses up in readiness or freezes in terror and 'loads up’ with huge amounts of hormones. When it’s all over, both mind and body should return to their original state, and the energy created in response to the threat should be completely discharged in the body.

We don’t always have the conditions to experience fully what is happening. We don’t scream, we don’t cry, we don’t show our emotions, we don’t 'shake off’ the physically accumulated tension – in a word, we don’t get rid of the excess energy the body has created to help us survive. Trapped energy in the nervous system wreaks havoc on the body and mind and eventually forces the appearance of various symptoms of post-traumatic stress like anxiety, depression, psychosomatic problems, behavioral disorders, autoimmune diseases. These symptoms are the body’s way of reigning in unresolved energy. The effects of trauma perpetuate and relentlessly return in bodily and psychological symptoms, through which our lives become dysfunctional – in a constant attempt to 'cope’.

How to reverse the harm that has already happened?

I use the same undischarged energy, which is the cause of the pain, for healing by properly mobilizing and directing it. It is used to rebuild the protective barrier against stress and restore mental balance. I don’t need to extract painful memories for this, but it is enough for me to awaken deep physiological resources to reintegrate and re-regulate the body’s nervous system. To do this, I use touch, breath, conversation, body sensations, movement – I work on all the channels recognized by the nervous system to stimulate and calm it – alternately, so that it finds its proper rhythm, learns over time to autoregulate and fixes the mechanism of tapping into resources at the moment of spilling – when anxiety, pain, emotions seize us and it seems that there is no rescue for us. Yes there is: it is within our reach to learn to return to a state of balance on our own. 

I work with a variety of symptoms and disorders, such as:

⟶ overwhelming emotions, anxiety, loss, recovery from illness/accidents, abusive relationships, birth trauma, developmental trauma, mental and emotional trauma

⟶ I deal with the delayed sequelae of trauma, manifested in chronic disorders like chronic fatigue and lack of energy, depression, eating disorders, generalized pain

What does a Somatic Touch session look like?

I recommend starting with weekly meetings and continuing to spread out after about 4 sessions. However, this can vary greatly depending on the client and their problems. The regularity of the first few sessions is needed so that the nervous system has a chance to develop self-regulation mechanisms. Sessions last about an hour. I work with clients on a table in a lying or sitting position, clothed, in safety, with touch to the extent that is comfortable for the nervous system. At the same time, I am in dialogue with clients and check what physical sensations they have, what body sensations they register, how and where they feel tension, what they observe during the session at the level of emotions and thoughts. Here everything matters and is an important context for psycho-somatic regulation.

SOMATIC TOUCH therapy session – 50 min

PRICE – 200 zł


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