I see you

I’ve been on a journey all my life, the essence of which
is being in a relationship, close. I touch you with my eyes, thoughts,
attention and finally with my hand. I want to grant every person
I meet the right to be heard and seen in their essence.
That’s how I see you.

My journey started with MA-URI Healing Arts

My path as a therapist working through the body has been going on continuously since 2005, when I stepped on the MA-URI® Healing Arts shamanic path and underwent several years of training conducted by the MA-URI® Institute in Denmark and New Zealand. This first step marked my further development and in working with clients I follow the principles that are maintained in this message. It includes the recognition of the role of the body in healing, because it contains the memory that we reach to tell our story anew, from a different place: power, respect and love for ourselves and life as it is. It is also about taking responsibility for your health and well-being, because change is possible only from within and it is a decision that belongs to us.

Somatic Touch in working with trauma

All the time, constantly working as a MA-URI practitioner, I experience how to solve a wide spectrum of disorders in various aspects of life through the body. I use this experience now, working in the body-oriented therapeutic model developed by Yuri Zelez – Somatic Touch, which helps treat trauma and other stress-related disorders. It serves clients in feeling relief from anxiety and tension generated by unresolved internal conflicts, realizing what I know from many years of practice that in our own bodies we carry memory and the ability to 'solve’ and 'release’.

Circling – relational practice

The next step in my knowledge is the practice of using the body to be in a relationship and communicate through the body’s sensations in contact with another person. Circling™ is a technique for conducting group processes and a relational practice, but above all a unique transformational modality that uses the mysticism enchanted in the relationship between people. From the other side – relationships – I examine how the body is an expression of our emotionality, thinking, assessing and reading the world, and how huge it can be in building honest, authentic relationships.

Process-oriented psychology as a continuation

All the knowledge that I gather and consolidate in practice, adding my own understanding and talent for feeling the other person in contact with his body, finds full development in the approach of process-oriented psychology, which I have chosen for my further education and self-experience.

Arnold Mindell’s process psychology is based on the recognition and observation of the flow of experience, what happens to us and what is the unconscious aspect of this process – hidden in dreams, in body movement and symptoms, in relational problems, in the signals we send. What is hidden in the unconscious, when it penetrates into consciousness, is engaged in resolving internal (and external) conflicts and supports the existing healing potential of the person or people in the relationship, family or group.

Everything that calls me on my professional path is an added quality, another element that I match to others that already occupy their place on my knowledge and competence table, which I care for and enrich, trusting that it serves well all who come across it.

Experience is an important license

I have been working with the body for 20 years and helping my clients to recover from psychological and somatic turmoil. Thanks to the patience of all the teachers who led me through this path of constant learning and personal development, who had the courage to share their knowledge, thank you with all my heart. But above all, it is my clients that I am most grateful for – because thanks to their trust I have gained the experience that matters the most to me.

From the most important reference rights:
⟶ MA-URI® Healing Arts self-practice license issued by the Danish-New Zealand MA-URI Institute
⟶ Yuri Zelez guided me through a course of a fascinating original method of working with trauma in the Somatic Touch Therapy
⟶ certification for conducting individual and group processes issued by Circling™ Europe

Currently, I am studying at the school of psychotherapy – Fundacja Studium Psychologii Procesu.



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